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Edgewood Builders has been in the business of custom home development for more than 30 years.  The guiding principal and company mission has been to "build a home as if you were going to live in it yourself". It is that kind of belief that only a small closely knit firm building a limited number of homes each year can subscribe to. The results are unique in terms of responsiveness to ever changing buyer needs, individual planning of each home to obtain best land use, attention to detail and quality of construction throughout. Most of all, adherence to this philosophy has produced a high degree of customer satisfaction.

It takes confidence in one's product for a homebuilder to live among his buyers and that is exactly what we do. Over the years, Edgewood Builders has assembled a working nucleus of skilled craftsmen. Each has learned the company philosophy well and strives to maintain the firm's high standards of workmanship throughout each project. Management works closely with these craftsmen, not from the insulation of a remote office but where it counts: on the construction site! Through practice of their basic philosophy and close involvement of management with each project, Edgewood Builders has built a reputation for quality and livable home design.
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